It is our passion to work with students to enable them to see the opportunities and to challenge them not to settle for average but for the best that they can achieve. In order to do this, they need to understand what their values are, what their natural skills or aptitudes are and their strengths.
Once they know themselves better they can begin to explore options,
and build on their strengths

Exclusive Educational Consultants came to fruition while the foundar, Lana Yilmaz was  supporting her older son's university search.
She realized through the process that it was not only his academic courses that mattered but his life skills, choice of university location, and extracurricular activities.  Of course, academics played a factor but so did a lot of other elements for his success in school and ultimately his offers of admission.
She reached out to experts and did her own in depth research on the subject of university and college admission support.
Supporting students to choose a university where they excelled ignited her passion.
From this experience Exclusive Educational Consultants was founded.

At Exclusive Educational Consultants, we believe in putting students in the driving seat and in teaching them how to understand and develop their strengths, interests and skills. By guiding them to set goals based on this knowledge and reflect on their journey while striving to accomplish them, they not only achieve the admission at their dream school but learn the skills to adjust and evolve in a changing future workforce.


Our individualized mentoring empowers students to design and plan their personal academic pathways to academic and career success.


Lana Yilmaz is an independent education counselor with a wealth of experience guiding high school students making applications to universities across Canada, the U.S. and the Netherlands.
She is a graduate of the Independent Educational Consultant program through the University of California-Irvine, and certified to apply Human eSources Myers Briggs assessment tools. She is currently completing her Academic Life Coaching training to further support her work with teens to increase their leadership and academic skills. 
Since 2015, Lana has provided personalized support to students and families by explaining the application process, helping each student discover their niche, coaching them to work through the steps of the application process,  and advising students how to apply for scholarships that they qualify for.
Lana lives in Hamilton with one son and nephew, both studying at McMaster and close to another son at Huron@Western.  She can be found gathering her sons' university students for a home-cooked meal, hiking in the area around Hamilton and serving as a family advisor on the St. Joeseph Hospital Patient and Family advisory counsel. 

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Drawing on over 25 years’ experience working in education and mentoring high school students, the founder and owner of EEC, Lana Yilmaz, with the support of her team, mentor high school students to develop an academic and extra-curricular plan based on ‘their’ personal interests and aptitudes; find creative opportunities to pursue their interests, and target schools that meet their personal and academic needs. We also assist students in managing application components such as interviews and recommendations and help them meet deadlines with minimal stress.

why work with us?

Exclusive Educational Consultants was founded in 2015 with the mission to give high school students the insight, skills and tools to design and plan for their post-secondary destination and major of choice. We are focused on the holistic development of the student as a person with the belief that a happy person reaches their full potential.
Our highly personalized approach helps students find the “right fit” academically, socially, and financially and to maximize their scholarship potential.
We guide our students through the process of planning and discovery because we believe that when students have the tools to discover their strengths and dreams, they become engaged, they work to realize their academic goals and become involved in their learning.

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