My child is a straight ‘A’ student. Why would I work with you?

Your child may have the grades to apply to a university program of their choice, but if they are going to be happy and successful in school and after, there is more to a university application  than completing the University application. 

As an educational consultant, we will help you assess and understand the impact of:

Average GPA of fellow students entering

This is important, because if your child is accepted at the low end of the acceptance range, they will be competing with other students for their GPA. Many professors will use bell curving to maintain a set class average. In some cases, bell curving can shift an entire class’s grades up or down and if your child is not one of the strongest students in that cohort, their grade will go down.

Limited Acceptance to Specializations

If your child will be competing with the rest of their class to be admitted to the specialization or major of their choice in their 2nd year, then you especially want to pay attention to the average GPA of the other students entering first year.  An example of this is psychology, where many students want to go on to a master’s in psychology to become clinical psychologists. However, in order to get into the masters, first they need to study honors in psychology, and this can be a bottleneck if it is extremely competitive to get into honours.  Your child’s academic and career goals can be derailed if they cannot make it through this early bottleneck.

Retention Rate

The retention rate is the number of 1st year students continuing on to the 2nd year at the university. This can be a good indication how satisfied students are with the education in the school, and how much support they receive from professors, teaching assistants and the student success office. It also indicates how easy it is to enroll in the specialized courses they want to take. 

Typically parents don’t have the in-depth knowledge to help their child foresee the problems that will develop if they do not understand these variables.

When you work with us, we look for schools where your child will not only be accepted, but will also have the best opportunity to succeed academically, emotionally and socially.

December 18, 2019


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