How are you different than a guidance counsellor?

We are often asked how we differ from a guidance counsellor in a high school. The easiest way to understand is to consider how much more a private one-on-one tutor can provide to an individual student, as compared with a teacher in class. 

High school guidance counsellors work with between 350-850 students depending on the school. They are responsible to: support their students emotional and academic needs; set in place individualized education plans (IEP); provide information for students on trades, dual education, community college programs, university programs and scholarships. and complete numerous other tasks. 

There are approximately 1080 hours in the academic year, so simple math shows that the very most a guidance counsellor could spend with any one student is 3 hours, and in some cases as little as an hour. There is very little time to truly get to know the student’s strengths and goals, nor to accommodate for different learning and relational preferences. 

As a private counsellor, we are able to support students with a truly individualized plan, without having to juggle an overwhelming student load. 

We go far beyond a guidance counsellor’s role, helping: 

 – ensure pre-planning well in advance so the student has time to take the right prerequisites 
 – manage their university applications and deadlines 
 – set goals, and break them down into bite-sized tasks 
 – provide guidance through the thousands of scholarships to consider 
 – coach around interview skills 
 – find schools or programs where someone with their unique learning style will thrive and excel 
 – prepare US college applications for admittance and scholarships 

Imagine the difference it can make in the long term to have your feet set on the right path from an early age. As an educational consultant, that’s what we do.  


December 18, 2019


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